Septic Services

Terra Firma can provide all your septic permit requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

What we do

  • Septic Approval
  • Septic Replacement
  • Custom Septic Design

Septic System Permit: Who needs one and how do you get it?

If you are planning to build a home on an unserviced lot, your first step is to obtain a Septic System Permit. The septic permit is necessary to get your building permit.


  1. We manage all required applications and reports to the Dept. of Environment and provide the necessary inspections throughout the installation process.
  2. Our new systems often have a smaller footprint and can usually be tailored to you - the homeowner.

  3. Our specially designed engineered systems often blend in better than a standard off-the-shelf selection, leaving NO UNSIGHTLY HUMP IN YOUR YARD!

Step by Step ...

  • Contact a "Qualified Person" (QP) at Terra Firma Consultants.
  • Our QP Professional will visit your lot and discuss your new home location.
  • Our QP Professional will address separation distances and other environmental regulations.
  • Our QP Professional will assess for soil conditions by performing a strategically excavated test pit on your lot.
  • Our QP Professional will either select or design an appropriate septic system for your needs.
  • Our QP Professional will submit specific information, including the recommended septic system design/selection, to the Department of Environment for approval. Usually, within 7 to 10 days, the Department will return the approval with a permit number.
  • Our QP Professional will monitor the septic system installation and issue the final certificate when the system is properly installed.

Terra Firma is here for you from start to finish regarding your septic system.

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