Land Consulting

Terra Firma can provide all your land permitting requirements in a timely and efficient manner.

What we do

  • Lot Approval
  • Land Subdivision
  • Development and Planning

Land owners often ask us... "How can I get a new lot approved?"

Regardless if you are a major land developer or an individual looking to subdivide for family, the procedure is the same. The first step is to call Terra Firma Consultants to get the correct information.

Here is a summary...

  • Initially, we look at the proposed size of the new lot, the location, and any features that may impact its approval.
  • Public road frontage is usually a requirement but there can be exceptions.
  • A test pit is required to determine the soil conditions, which impacts the size of the new lots.
  • From this initial information, a preliminary plan can be developed to see if the proposed lots will satisfy municipal and provincial regulations.
  • Department of Environment can comment regarding the suitability of developing the new lot, including the potential for a septic system, which can meet all the separation requirements.
  • The municipality can comment on whether or not the proposed lot(s) meet their bylaws.

  • The province can comment on the suitability of installing a culvert, sight-stopping distance and other requirements.

At this stage, your costs are relatively small. If all comments are good, then a surveyor actually conducts the survey, produces a plan, and the municipality approves it and a new lot with a new PID (Property Identification Number) is created.

Terra Firma can look after this process and it usually takes a few months to complete. To learn more:

call (902)-576-3551