Flow Splitter The Ultimate Tee

Flow Splitter® Septic Tee - Delivering an even split every time!

The Flow Splitter® Septic Tee came to existence after seeing many homeowners pay thousands of dollars for replacement septic fields when it could have been avoided. The search for an efficient flow divider has been ongoing for many years.

"It is considered essential... to ensure equal distribution of the effluent from the septic tank. If this is not accomplished, complete failure of the system will rapidly develop due to all of the septic tank effluent passing into one of the distribution lines, to the exclusion of the other, as a result of the natural phenomenon of liquids seeking their lowest level."

A Nova Scotia invention

is making domestic septic systems


Flow Splitter® splits the effluent nearly equally in the septic bed, even if the tee is off level as much as six per cent. The Flow Splitter® has no moving parts, requires no maintenance, adjustment, or special installation requirements. The cost of a Flow Splitter® Tee compared to the cost of a replacement field is very beneficial to the homeowner.

Where to Use Flow Splitter®

Use Flow Splitter® in any septic system that utilizes a tee and an even split is desired. Flow Splitter®is beneficial in existing centre-fed gravity systems in early septic bed failure.

  • INSTALLATION CONTRACTORS: Use the Flow Splitter® to improve installations and avoid unnecessary problems with call back failures.
  • DESIGNERS: Specify the Flow Splitter® to reduce liability.
  • HOMEOWNERS: Insist on the Flow Splitter® to ensure a safe back yard and unnecessary expensive repairs.

Septic Failure Symptoms

The ground, in which septic fields lie, heaves with the frost and settles with the thaw - creating conditions where septic pipes lose their 'level'. One side of the septic bed field is damp and spongy; the other side of the field is dry. This problem is more noticeable in the Spring. Septic Failure RemedyReplace the old tee with the Flow Splitter® tee and you may save, or at least prolong, the life of the field. The Flow Splitter® Tee will keep the effluent water flowing in the proper direction keeping the field in working order. Win-Win For Everyone

The Flow Splitter® ALLOWS SEPTIC FIELDS TO LAST LONGER, meaning LESS RISK TO THE ENVIRONMENT and LOWER COSTS TO THE PROPERTY OWNER. The Flow Splitter® is an easy to use, inexpensive device that is a win-win situation for everyone. The home owner, the contractor and the environment all benefit from using this new technology.  

Flowsplitter Press

University and international studies have concluded their findings by stating, "The laboratory trials using clean water show that the Flow Splitter® device with the baffles showed the best flow splitting efficiency and was relatively insensitive to a range of off-level installation angles."

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